Healthy Eating Abroad




Those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets should not have any trouble finding food options, this is particularly true in Nassau and Grand Bahama.

  • Local "Unhealthy" Foods

    • Peas and Rice
    • Macaroni and Cheese
    • Crab and Rice
    • Guava Duff (sweet guava dish)

  • Local "Healthy" Foods

    • Conch Salad
    • Chicken Souse
    • Boiled Grouper

  • Nut Allergy Information

    Nuts are not commonly found in local cuisine.


Availability of Specialty Foods

  • Available at most large stores
  • Available at specialty stores
  • Not readily available
  • Vegetarian Cuisine

    Low Availability
  • Vegan/Soy Products

    High Availability
  • American Foods

    High Availability
  • Kosher and Halal Foods

    Low Availability
Area Information
  • Major Supermarkets

    Supermarkets, including Super Value, Phil’s Market, and City Meat Market, regularly sell American products.

  • Restaurant Chains with “Healthy” Options

    No specific chains, but many locally owned restaurants serve healthy food options.

  • Nutritional Information on Food

    Most food has nutritional information printed on the packaging, but it is not required by law.

  • Weight Loss Companies

    Weight Watchers is the only major weight loss company.

  • Vitamin Supplements

    Vitamins can be purchased without prescription at almost all food markets, pharmacies, and health food stores.
    Drugstores include Lowe’s pharmacy, Prescription Parlour, The Prescription Center, QVS Pharmacy, The People’s Pharmacy, and Centerville Pharmacy.

  • Health Food Stores

    GNC can be found throughout the islands.

  • Medical Professionals Who Aid in Nutrition

    Registered dieticians are available to assist with nutrition.

  • Country-wide Obesity Rate