Healthy Eating Abroad




Those following a vegan or vegetarian diet may have to do some extra research before traveling to Barbados — these diets are not easily accommodated there.

  • Local “Unhealthy” Foods

    • Pudding
    • Souse
    • Macaroni and Cheese (locally known as “pie”)

  • Local “Healthy” Foods

    • Flying Fish
    • Cou-Cou (made with cornmeal and okra)

  • Nut Allergy Information

    Nuts are not commonly found in local cuisine.

Availability of Specialty Foods

  • Available at most large stores
  • Available at specialty stores
  • Not readily available
  • Vegetarian Cuisine

    Low Availability
  • Vegan/Soy Products

    Low Availability
  • American Foods

    High Availability
  • Kosher and Halal Foods

    Low Availability
Area Information
  • Major Supermarkets

    Most supermarkets, including, Supercentre, Carlton and Emerald City, Jordan’s Supermarket, and Trimart, sell American goods as well as other good quality items.

  • Nutritional Information on Food

    Most foods have nutritional information printed on the packaging, but it is not regulated by the government.

  • Weight Loss Companies

    Private nutritionists and gyms are available for weight management.

  • Vitamin Supplements

    Vitamins are easy to purchase for they can be bought in both supermarkets and drugstores without a prescription.

  • Health Food Stores

    Jenn Health and Beauty is a popular health food store with a cafe and smoothie bar.

  • Medical Professionals Who Aid in Nutrition

    Dieticians, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, and Physicians assist with nutrition.
    Dieticians require a specific university degree, but do not currently require recertification.

  • Country-wide Obesity Rate

    Obesity is more prevalent among women as it is estimated 40% of women >35 are obese.