Healthy Eating Abroad




Vegan and vegetarian diets are not common in Croatia and even finding soy products might be difficult.

  • Local “Unhealthy” Foods

    • Restani krumpir (fried potato with onion)
    • Palacinke (crepes with sweet filling)
    • Fritule (deep fried dough)

  • Local “Healthy” Foods

    • Grah (bean stew)
    • Sataras (sliced and stewed summer vegetables)
    • Goulash (traditional stew, often with bacon)
    • Zganci (cornmeal dish similar to polenta)

  • Nut Allergy Alert

    The dessert item Baklava contains nuts.

Availability of Specialty Foods

  • Available at most large stores
  • Available at specialty stores
  • Not readily available
  • Vegetarian Cuisine

    Low Availability
  • Vegan/Soy Products

    Low Availability
  • American Foods

    Low Availability
  • Kosher and Halal Foods

    Low Availability
Area Information
  • Nutritional Information on Food

    All packaged foods are required to include nutrition information, and it is easy to understand.

  • Vitamin Supplements

    Available in pharmacies only, but no prescription is needed.

  • Medical Professionals Who Aid in Nutrition

    Internal Medicine Specialists and Nurses assist with nutrition.

  • Country-wide Obesity Rate