Healthy Eating Abroad




The vegan diet is not common in Cyprus, but it is easy to find Soy products on the island.

  • Local “Unhealthy” Foods

    • Pistachios
    • Mousakas (eggplant casserole)

  • Local “Healthy” Foods

    • Legumes with vegetables
    • Grilled white fish

  • Nut Allergy Alert

    Gemista is a common dish that contains nuts.

Availability of Specialty Foods

  • Available at most large stores
  • Available at specialty stores
  • Not readily available
  • Vegetarian Cuisine

    High Availability
  • Vegan Products

    Low Availability
  • Soy Products

    High Availability
  • American Foods

    High Availability
  • Kosher and Halal Foods

    High Availability
Area Information
  • Major Supermarkets

    Alpha Mega, Orfanidis, and Metro are all supermarkets that carry American foods.

  • Restaurant Chains with “Healthy” Options

    Healthy Bites, Eat and Co., and Hustle all have healthy options.

  • Nutritional Information on Food

    Nutritional information is required on packaged food, but many citizens do not know how to use this information.

  • Weight Loss Companies

    Bodyline and Arriba support weight loss efforts.

  • Vitamin Supplements

    Vitamins can be purchased in drugstores without a prescription, but not in supermarkets.

  • Health Food Stores

    Some chain stores include Aitherio and Holland, and Barret.

  • Medical Professionals Who Aid in Nutrition

    Clinical dieticians operate in a therapeutic and preventative role — they provide diet guidance on an individual and group level. They are a part of the health care team and fall under the category of paramedical professions/other medical services.

    Dieticians operate in a preventative role and confront specific health conditions — provide diet guidance on an individual and group level. They fall under the category of paramedical professions/other medical services.

    Nutritionists operate in a preventative role.  They give general nutition advice at an individual and group level.

  • Country-wide Obesity Rate