Healthy Itineraries


5 Healthy Days in Shanghai

The next stop on our 5 Healthy Days Tour is Shanghai, the most populous city in China. Travelers are...


5 Healthy Days in Budapest

The next stop on our 5 Healthy Days tour is Budapest, the capital and the largest city of Hungary....

Table Mountain National Park

FlagSouth Africa

5 Healthy Days in Cape Town

The next stop on our 5 Healthy Days tour is Cape Town – the second most populous city in...

Old Town in Warsaw, Poland


5 Healthy Days in Warsaw

Warsaw is easily the mecca of Poland’s culture. This city is home to some of the country’s best museums...

Giraffes in Johannesburg

FlagSouth Africa

5 Healthy Days in Johannesburg

South Africa’s Johannesburg is affectionately called Joburg, Jozi, and Egoli (City of Gold).  Johannesburg is the largest city in...


5 Healthy Days in Manila

We’re headed to Manila on our five healthy days tour around the world. This city in the Philippines is...



5 Healthy Days in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in Asia. The thriving capital of Thailand is a...

Bode Museum, Berlin


5 Healthy Days in Berlin

A little over two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, this German city continues to repair itself,...

The Dead Sea


5 Healthy Days in Jerusalem

For the next stop on our healthy travel tour, we’re heading to one of the most diverse, historic, and...

Xochimilco’s Floating Gardens


5 Healthy Days in Mexico City

For the next stop on our healthy travel tour, we’re visiting one of the largest and most vibrant cities...

Basilica Cistern


5 Healthy Days in Istanbul

For the next stop on our healthy tour around the world, we find ourselves in the vibrant and historic...

Sunset in Sarajevo

FlagBosnia and Herzegovina

5 Healthy Days in Sarajevo

For the next stop on our healthy travel tour, we’re visiting the historic, blossoming capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina,...

Gamla Stan in Stockholm


5 Healthy Days in Stockholm

For the next stop on our healthy days tour, we’ve come to the land that introduced the world to...

Casa Rosada


5 Healthy Days in Buenos Aires

For our next stop on the five healthy days tour, we arrive at what is arguably the world’s best...

Ha'penny Bridge


5 Healthy Days in Dublin

For the next stop on our five healthy days tour, we’re heading to the beautifully historic city of Dublin,...



5 Healthy Days in Amsterdam

Yes, you read that correctly. For our next stop on our healthy days tour, we’re visiting a small city...

Helix Bridge


5 Healthy Days in Singapore

Our next stop on our healthy days trip? The island city-state of Singapore. This bustling city isn’t only a...

Charles Bridge

FlagCzech Republic

5 Healthy Days in Prague

For our next stop on our healthy tour, we’re visiting one of the most charming, beautiful, and historic cities...

Ruins of Agora


5 Healthy Days in Athens

For the next stop on our Five Healthy Days tour, we’d like to bring you to one of our...

Montreal Botanical Garden


5 Healthy Days in Montreal

For our next healthy travel tour, we’re going to visit the unique city of Montreal, located in the Canadian...

Park Guell


5 Healthy Days in Barcelona

Our next stop in the five healthy days tour is to the energetic, historical, and eccentric city of Barcelona,...

London - Borough Market


5 Healthy Days in London

Cheerio! We’re super excited to take you on the latest installment of our healthy travel tours, featuring our favorite...

Copacabana sidewalk


5 Healthy Days in Rio de Janeiro

The next stop in our Five Healthy Days tour is Brazil’s second largest city, Rio de Janeiro. This vibrant...

Tokyo - Yokohama Waterfront


5 Healthy Days in Tokyo

If you love bento boxes, fresh sashimi, sumo wrestling and karaoke, it’s time to head to Tokyo, Japan to...

Sydney_Ocean swimming pool at Bondi Beach


5 Healthy Days in Sydney

Aside from kangaroos, koalas, and some gnarly surfing, there are a ton of great places to see and cuisine...

Hong Kong Park

FlagHong Kong

5 Healthy Days in Hong Kong

Despite the world-class smog and the often greasy cuisine, Hong Kong is a very healthy place. Residents there are...

Park at Villa Borghese


5 Healthy Days in Rome

Rome. A city where great works of art are just around the corner, where layers of culture can be...


5 Healthy Days in Paris

This is the first in a series of posts we’re going to do on some of the most popular...